About Sj Varied

Over a decade ago, our founders saw a gap in the market for a high-quality and innovative waste management solution which could provide the very best service across five core areas including:

  • Providing leading scrap metal and surplus material management
  • Helping with decommissioning, demolition and salvage requirements
  • Liaising and managing overseas material handling
  • Offering in-depth construction waste management services
  • Acting as a dumpsite and landfill operator

Company History

And so in 2006, SJ Varied Sdn Bhd was born.

Over the years we have diversified the business, from focusing initially on the Oil and Gas sector, we have grown to cover a wide portfolio of industries and household brands, including Petronas, Shell, Hess and Dyson.  Our determination and passion for what we do has meant we have been a part of some high-profile, pioneering projects across the globe. We have even been able to set new world record, demolishing and breaking a vessel in just 45 days!

As a responsible employer that believes in “giving back”, SJ Varied has also been conducting its yearly “Hari Raya Open House” events, contributing to the needy and Special Crowds such as Orphanages, Schools, Kampungs and others, which also allows SJ Varied’s employees to get deeply involved in social responsibility activities and helps foster goodwill, kindness and Comradeship across the organisation.

It is thanks to the passion and talent of our ever-growing SJV family and the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of its founders, that has enabled a one-time small enterprise to rise up and nurture a dedicated workforce that has spurred SJ Varied to record year on year growth of over 150% every year since we began.

This incredible success is a testament to the passion and dedication of the SJV staff, so if you are seeking an innovative and proven solution then get in touch and discover how SJV can transform your business.