Scrap metal and surplus material management

We specialize in providing full scrap metal and surplus material management, helping you through the planning, assembling and harvesting process.

Decommissioning, demolition and salvage

We are able to provide you with full decommissioning, demolition and salvage services, and our expert team can provide the specialist skills and equipment required.

Overseas material handling

We have vast experience in working with clients around the world and we can help you with all of your overseas material management, from receiving and processing to smooth and timely delivery.

Construction waste management

Developing and construction sites can produce a large quantity of waste, which is why SJV is here to provide you with full waste management solutions.

Dumpsite and Landfill operator

We operate a number of dumpsite and landfill operations and can provide full on-site management, administration duties and machine management.

Service Heading

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